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Letter to the editor: I am quite shocked......

I am quite shocked......

August 31, 2016

I am of Chinese origin but grew up in Australia. I am quite shocked that our government allows for events that are anti-democracy and anti-Australian Values to be held in Australia. The latest Mao concert to be held in Sydney and Melbourne next week are examples of events promoting hatred against Western civilisation which are damaging Australia’s harmony. Mao killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. The promotion of Maoism is dangerous and adds fuel to the Western world that is already at a stretch in the fight against terrorism. For the past few weeks, many in the Chinese community are fighting against this red insurgency in Australia so that they can preserve this country’s peace and harmony. However, this task is proving to be quite arduous with most of the Chinese Australian media bought out by the Chinese government; Wechat discussion platforms controlled and blocked by the Chinese government; Chinese “fifty cents” internet trolls attacking any Chinese-Australian who stands up to speak out against this concert; Chinese-Australians receiving death threats from those connected to the Chinese government.

Large groups of Chinese-Australians are feeling alone and ostracised in Australia because of the Chinese government’s control over this country through the Chinese community via buy-outs of Chinese-Australian media as well as control of the mainstream through trade. Even our politicians are now compromised due to large sums of donations received through pro-Chinese government businesses. Many fled China to seek refugee in Australia only to be harassed once more due to the Australian government’s lack of action in standing up to Chinese government’s interference. Ironically, those who are in support of this Mao concert were refugees themselves once upon a time.

At this point, most mainstream media are only viewing this dispute as a matter concerning the Chinese community itself. However, the tolerance of such whitewashing of Maoism is a slap in the face to Australia’s democracy. It poses a question of whether there is a bottom line to freedom of speech and being politically correct. Those in the Chinese community who are fighting to protect our Australian values feel that they are alone and weak without the support of Australian mainstream. They need YOUR help!

(From:  Moree)

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