AVA objectives are to safeguard and promote Australian core values


05/03  Invitation - Book launch - "Silent Invasion: China's influence in Australia"


14/12  Australian people stand up and defend our values and way of life

13/07  Signature petition to change the street name of the Chinese consulate to "Liu Xiaobo Road"

09/07  AVA declaration and announcement of conference on counteracting CCP infiltration to Australia (Chinese)

07/05  Declaration to denounce the shameful acts of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia to sneak into ANZAC event

29/04  AVA announcement: gathering in the next weekend (Chinese)

03/04  ABC interview of the AVA spoken person, John Hugh (Chinese)

26/03  AVA requests media to pay attention to the ban of Prof. Feng from leaving China 

12/02  An open letter by AVA - Firmly resist the infiltration of the "Red Ballet" 

07/02  AVA Press (1) - Sydney forms groups to Melbourne to protest against the "Red Ballet" (Chinese)

06/02  Resist the poisons spread by the "Red Ballet"- an open letter to the Australian Chinese (Chinese)

06/02  AVA special announcement: Peaceful rally to protest against the performance of the "Red Ballet" and appeal for signatures (Chinese)

05/02  Oppose to the performance of the "Red Ballet" in Melbourne - an open letter to the Premier 

01/02  Should Australia sponsor the performance in Melbourne of an "art program" similar to ISIS? 

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