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Australian Values Alliance14/12/2017
The Australian Values Alliance is reassured to hear the Prime Minister Mr. Turnbull's "Australian people stand up" speech, which expressed the Federal government's dauntlessness against the aggressive intimidation of the Chinese Communist government, and which reaffirmed Australia's resolve to resist a foreign dictatorship infiltrating and interfering with Australia through methods that include the exportation of corruption, the exportation of terror, the exportation of constraining free speech and persecution of human rights.
According to media reports, on 6 December, spokespersons for the Chinese Communist government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Embassy to Australia have been exceptionally rude and vicious in their illogical condemnations and fearmongering in response to Australia's efforts to protect its democratic way of life from foreign invasion. Moreover, they attempted to create fission in the Australian society by illogically accusing Australia's efforts to protect its way of life as "harmful to Chinese people" and "Cold War mentality".
As an organisation of large number of members and supporters with ethnic Chinese backgrounds, the Australian Values Alliance (AVA, also known as Embrace Australian Values Alliance, or EAVA) resolutely oppose and condemn the accusations brought forward by the Chinese Communist government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its representative embassy, and we strongly demand that these speeches be retracted.
In reality, many supporters and members of The Australian Values Alliance have spoken out multiple times about their personal experiences, which shows that some foreign dictatorship forces such as the Chinese Communist Party have for many years continued its Cold War tactics in Australia, through the exportation of corruption, the exportation of terror, the exportation of constraining free speech and persecution of human rights. These have included directly interfering withAustralian elections, intimidating candidates, fracturing and manipulating Australian community groups, intimidating or even directly persecuting Australian residents of Chinese descent or their relatives in China for speaking out with political views that do not align with its own, intimidating Australian scholars and media that speak frankly, intimidating and interfering with the normal teaching and operations of Australian tertiary and other educational institutions, using money, power or sex to bribe or entrap Australian politicians and subsequently control them, et cetera.
Ethnically Chinese members of The Australian Values Alliance would be very happy to discuss and cross-examine these facts with the Chinese Communist government’s Ambassador to Australia.
The majority of ethnic Chinese residents in Australia have chosen to settle here because we are able to enjoy a democratic way of life that is free from terror.We support Australia conducting normal trades with any country for mutual benefit, but the values and way of life of our Australian democratic society must not be sold for commercial gains.
Otherwise, it would be like letting a virus multiply. Australia should not compromise for the sake of trade benefits. We can’t sacrifice freedom of speech, or else you have a society living in fear with lawyers being imprisoned and vulnerable people being driven away. All these are happening today in mainland China. In fact, this is by no means something alarmist. Clarity, as Dr Clive Hamilton's book Silent Invasion was refused to be published by Allen & Unwin Publishing, which is a result of fear produced by CCP’s threatening, could glance the whole picture. We are concerned that the censorship against free speech has already been imported to Australia by an authoritarian force.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told Australians to stand up. It was extremely necessary and timely. For those who are accustomed to bullying the weak and fearing the strong; and keeps claiming that benefits of trade and business is the priority when it’s not strong enough; once it becomes rich, then use its face of an authoritarian country to bully others without fear and hesitation. When dealing with this kind of country, Australians have no choice but to stand up by firmly saying No.
To strengthen the security of this country and to reduce foreign infiltration and interference, the Australian Values Alliance makes recommendations to the Federal Government and Parliament as follows:
Firstly, the legislative control of foreign pressure:
1.      To require all companies, academic institutions, schools and other organisations registered and operating in Australia to promptly report to the designated Australian government agencies (such as the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation or Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) when pressured by foreign governments or on behalf of foreign interests for reasons involving censorship or differing political opinion. Heavy penalties will be enforced in the case that contrary practices are brought to light.

2.      The department responsible for receiving and handling the aforementioned reports will be responsible for organising archival reports and disseminating relevant information to the public on a regular basis, as well as submitting reports to the federal parliament to take the appropriate measures.
For example, if a foreign authoritarian force were to place pressure on a tertiary institution due to disapproval of the subject matter of a proposed conference or seminar to be held at the said institution, the institution is responsible for following appropriate procedures to report this to the Australian government rather than deflecting this responsibility to the event host. Penalties will be enforced where the institution fails to fulfil its duty of filing this report.
Secondly: implement the legislation of "fair reciprocity", which should include:
1.      Australian government should apply the same restrictions to the country whose government restricts the freedom of movement of the Australian embassy's staff as well as their freedom of having normal interaction with the local residents;
2.      In countries where Australian media and publications are restricted, Australian government should in turn apply the same restrictions to that country's media and publications of its government background.
3.      In countries where Australian companies or merchants are revenged or oppressed for censorship or political reasons in that country, the Australian government should apply the same reciprocal restrictions to that country's state owned or powerful officials owned companies in Australia.
For example, if the publisher of Dr Clive Hamilton's book Silent Invasion received backlash from its country's government officials, in response to this, the Australian government should restrict the operation of that country's state owned companies in Australia.
Emerged in 2016, Australian Values Alliance (AVA) believes regardless where we come from we are all Australians. Australia and Australian Values is our common denominator of which bound us together as a nation.We are committed to embrace freedom and dignity of individuals, freedom of religion, commitment to the rule of law, Parliamentary democracy, equality of men and women and a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect, tolerance, fair play and compassion for those in need and pursuit of the public good.

John Hugh
AVA media spokesperson
0414 816 751

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