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AVA objectives

AVA objectives are to safeguard and promote Australian core values which are universal values including democracy, the rule of law, freedom, equality, tolerance and human rights, irrespective of race, gender, different religions, political viewpoints, thinking and theories, etc. AVA welcomes all participants who embrace Australian core values and are willing to make an effort to safeguard such values.

Welcome to AVA Groups 

The Guidelines of AVA Groups

1. Support Australian values. The speeches deviate from the AVA’s purposes are not allowed.
2. Reasoned discussions. Personal attacks are banned.
3. No commercial, religious and any other organisations’ ads.
4. The AVA group managers are responsible for interpreting the guidalines.

1. Speeches deviate from the AVA’s purposes include: damaging AVA’s reputation, promoting Maoist, autocracy, dictatorship, violence and terrorist.
2. Personal attacks: discriminating languages against opponent’s intelligence, personality, ability, occupation.
3. Reasoned discussions: Follow Havel’s dialogue guidelines of seeking truth, not struggle, no personal attack, keeping the same topic, using evidences, equal speaking opportunities and mutual understanding.
4. If anyone breaks the rules and does not listen to the advice, they will be expelled.

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  1. I am currently reading "Silent Invasion." Clive Hamilton is confirming all that I've suspected and far far more.

    I salute your bravery.

    Thank you in advance, for the education I will receive from your organization.
    Christopher May.

  2. I too am also reading "Silent Invasion" by Clive Hamilton - I applaud the hard work and effort this group puts in to make Australia a greater place.

  3. You guys heard that Victoria is to sign up the road and belt scheme?

  4. Victoria signing up to the Belt&Road is a great idea. Chinese traitors like the people on this page are hypocrites. America and Israel have loudly invaded Australia and you traitors worry about China's silent invasion? You hypocrites make me laugh. You hypocrites talk about freedom of speech and yet want to silent people with opposing views?

    1. If you read the AVA objectives, you will see they include support for"democracy, rule of laws, freedom, equality, tolerance and human rights..."Since the current ruling elite in China do not share these views, why would you accuse AVA of being hypocrites and traitors? Nobody is stopping you from sharing your views, but people are entitled to form groups which promote their views and values - you can do the same!As far as US and Israel, there are already numerous groups and individuals in Australia who are critical of various policies coming from both those countries (and many other countries) so what do you mean?

    2. Go back to china and their weibo, fifty-cent troll.

  5. Thank you for organising the most interesting and informative Confucius Institute Roundtable. Only minor problem was it was not always easy to hear the speakers.

  6. I'm an independent activist from Hong Kong and I couldn't join the whatsapp group, it said that the link has been revoked.