Australia Is The Backyard Garden Of The Chinese Communism Regime

Author: Baoqiang Sun 2017-11-14

Critical army base - Darwin Harbor rented out,
China - Australia human rights dialog stopped;

Australia Chinese media silenced by blue-gold-yellow operation,
300 Australian children sing communist China's national anthem;

Australia's Chinese students thought controlled,
But Australian students help communism army's hi-tech;

3000 Chinese Australians protest Southern Sea judgement,
Gold Coast mayor got a free trip to China;

Wide land & business purchased by Chinese,
Australia's universal value diluted;

Concert chanting Mao in Australia died before it started,
Communism Army Day's evils emerged in Australia;

Teaching material in Australian universities modified,
Racial discrimination's evil tsunami surged;

Political donation forbidden by law in Australia,
Australian officials relatives employed in China;

Australian media kneeled down for Huang Xiangmo's money,
Yu's chicken soup speech organised by Huang turns into Sydney's carnival;

Countless races' migrants integrated into Australia,
Chinese migrants ignite fire in Australia's backyard;

World political refugees oppose the dictatorship & autocracy,
Chinese dissidents embrace the communism;

Australian government continues to be near sighted,
It turns into the red;

Australian government continues its ostrich polices,

It turns into communist China's backyard garden.

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