Invitation - Book launch - "Silent Invasion: China's influence in Australia"

Professor Clive Hamilton has recently published a book, Silent Invasion: China’s influence in Australia. Publication of the book itself has already attracted much influence. The original publisher even turned away.
Mr David Shoebridge MLC will host a book launch for Silent Invasion at NSW Parliament House at 2:30pm on Wednesday 14 March 2018. Professor Clive Hamilton will attend the launch, autograph books sold during the launch and answer questions.
AVA (Australian Values Alliance) is pleased to assist Mr Shoebridge in organizing this event. We believe publication freedom is an important aspect of Australia’s core value - freedom of speech. We also believe the contents in this book truly reflects what has been happening in Australia and many other Western countries.
AVA sincerely invites you to come along.

Please RVSP on Eventbrite:

John Hugh
Australian Values Alliance (AVA)

Australian Values Alliance (AVA)
Media spokesperson: John Hugh 0414 816 751


  1. It's disturbing to see Beijing's impact in Australia, especially of geoeconomics, how any country infuriating the Chinese government has been reacted by quick and harming sanctions. Above all it presents examined, true discoveries, and isn't a book loaded with melodrama as I suspected before understanding it.I recommend Silent Invasion.

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