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25/07  Disclosure of infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (Chinese)

19/09  What to Make of the Explosive New WeChat and QQ Spying Revelations?

25/07  Disclosure of infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (Chinese)

22/07  Signature petition to seek freedom for Liu Xia, wife of Liu Xiaobo 

22/07  Time is up and no more chip for the Chinese Communist Party (Chinese)

18/07  Guo Wengui disclosure and sign of CCP doomdays (Chinese)

09/07  AVA declaration and announcement of conference on counteracting CCP infiltration to Australia (Chinese)

10/06  Better to break off in order to survive: Where is Guo Wengui heading towards? (Chinese)

08/06  SBS interview: The objectives of AVA and safeguarding Australian core values (Chinese)

 08/06  The SBS program that spots on infiltration by CCP (Chinese) 

01/06  Is it "humiliating the Chinese" or simply "presenting the facts"? (Chinese)

14/05  Are you qualified to become an Australian citizen? (Chinese)

13/05  Australian Defence Secretary: Chinese "spies" are watching us and controlling Chinese media (Chinese)

13/05  Get rid of the "prison" in our mind (Chinese)07/05  A report on AVA gathering in the Sydney Olympic Park 

07/05  Declaration to denounce the shameful acts of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia to sneak into ANZAC event (Chinese) 

06/05  Why Chinese are so slow to get out of their feudal thinking patterns? (Chinese

06/05  My first vote (Chinese)

29/04  AVA announcement: gathering in the next weekend (Chinese)

25/04  Latter happy life of Yaomei -- Affairs (non fiction novel) (Chinese)

25/04  A hero is a product of his time - historic moment for Guo Wengui (Chinese)

24/04  My third burst into tear since arriving at Australia (Chinese)

24/04  Trump hit many birds with one stone - Struck Assad,  warned Kim Jong-un, tamed Putin, Treated Xi Jingping with courtesy followed by harsh measures.  (Chinese)

23/04  Act as an righteous Australian (Chinese) 

23/04  Comparison between Australia and China (Chinese)

22/04  Would  the "off-air"of Vocie Of America (VOA) awake the Western world? (Chinese) 

21/04  China is facing a huge disaster should Xi Jinping chooses not to adopt Constitutional Democracy (Chinese) 

17/04  How come an Australian Chinese association asks for  termination of the Australian-USA alliance and change to embrace China (Chinese)

17/04  Look as a flunkey and act like as a hitman (Chinese)

17/04  Our holy responsibly - to safeguard Australian core values (Chinese)

16/04  I like Australia (Chinese)

16/04  How much longer could CCP dominate China - Narrow pass of Feng Yongyi's return to China (Chinese)

06/04  VOA interview with Prof. Feng, Yongyi - I am not scare, I will return to China (Chinese)

06/04  Promote the petition declaration, to pledge loyalty to our country (Chinese)

03/04  ABC interview of the AVA spoken person, John Hugh (Chinese)

01/04  The increasing influence of the Chinese Communist Party on Australian universities (Chinese)

31/03  Detention of the Chinese professor is an attach on the freedom of Australia (Chinese)

31/03  UTS professor Feng's daughter asks to let her father comes home (Chinese)

31/03  An address to Xi Jinping by the Australian academics - a petition for signatures (Chinese) 

30/03  Daughter of the Australian professor Feng YongYi asks China to let her father returns home (Chinese)

30/03  Why didn't Prof. Feng Yongyi become Australian citizen? (Chinese)

29/03  The Public Security wants Prof. Feng to remain low key and to be complied, or to bear consequences (Chinese)

29/03  Why did the PM withdrew the resolution in the parliament on the extradition treaty with China (Chinese)

28/03  Australian scholar Feng Yongyi banned to leave China, told not to speak out (Chinese)

26/03  AVA requests media to pay attention to the ban of Prof. Feng from leaving China (English and Chinese)

15/03  AVA special edition: Pay tribute to the donors and supporters (Chinese)

13/03  Australian core values and Principles (Australian Federal Government) (Chinese)

10/03  Clean the poison of Mao and leave us a clean Australia (Chinese)

21/02  Protect our Australian home and family, safeguard universal values (Chinese)

20/02  AVA press (13) - Details of donation- incomes and expenditures (Chinese)

18/02  AVA press (12) - Resists te "Red Ballet" - Behind the scene (continued) (Chinese)

17/02  AVA press (11) - Resists te "Red Ballet" - Behind the scene  (Chinese)

16/02  AVA Prsss (10) - An outline of Melbourne protest activities against the "Red Ballet" (Chinese)

15/02  AVA Press (9) -  SBS interview of the AVA: On site protest of the "Red Ballet" from everywhere in Australia (Chinese)

14/02  AVA Press (8) - "Going to Melbourne" Team gets set and go tonight - calling for protest against the "Red Ballet"simultatously and direct broadcast (Chinese)

14/02  New Zealand Chinese joint signature to support the protest against the "Red Ballet"and to give donations (Chinese)

14/02  Special edition: urgent recruitment of volunteers to broadcase the SBS on-site report on the protest of the "Red Ballet" (Chinese)

13/02  AVA Press(7) - Overseas organisations and individuals support the protest against the "Red Ballet (Chinese)

13/02  A donation by a senior in mainland China that the AVA dares not accept (Chinese)

12/02  AVA Press (6) - A "female spy"as disclosed by a web fan (Chinese)

12/02  An open letter by AVA - Firmly resist the infiltration of the "Red Ballet (English)

11/02  The slogans and bill boards that will be brought by "Going to Melbourne"team (totally 9) (Chinese)

11/02  AVA Press(5) websites of the global Alliance of Unversial values (Chinese)

10/02  AVA Press (4) - Support and donations from around the world on resisting the "Red Ballet" (Chinese)

10/02  Donations - incomes and expenditures of the "Going to Melbourne" Protest team (Chinese)

09/02  AVA Press (3) - Donation account and the reply letter from the Premier (Chinese)

09/02  Can arts like "ISIS" be allowed to perform in Australia (Chinese and English)

08/02  AVA Press (2) - Urgent appeal to join the "Going to Melbourne" protest team and for donations (Chinese)

08/02  An open letter by AVA - Firmly resist the infiltration of the "Red Ballet (Chinese)

07/02  AVA Press (1) - Sydney forms groups to Melbourne to protest against the "Red Ballet" (Chinese)

06/02  Resist the poisons spread by the "Red Ballet"- an open letter to the Australian Chinese (Chinese)

06/02  AVA special announcement: Peaceful rally to protest against the performance of the "Red Ballet" and appeal for signatures (Chinese)

05/02  Oppose to the performance of the "Red Ballet" in Melbourne - an open letter to the Premier (Chinese)

19/07  Australia in the process of being communized by CCP (Chinese)

19/07  Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin disclosed detail on how CCP infiltrated Australia (Chinese)

19/07  Australian experts on how to counteract CCP's infiltration and safeguard Australian key values (Chinese)

13/07  Signature petition to change the street name of the Chinese consulate to "Liu Xiaobo Road"(Chinese and English)

01/02  Should Australia sponsor the performance inMelbourne of an "art program" similar to ISIS? (Chinese)

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