Australian Value Alliance (AVA) Proposal-

Recently, some groups and individuals have called on the Chinese in Australia to hold the so-called “anti-racial discrimination online parade”, which is deeply worrying.

In fact, on behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Prime Minister has repeatedly and openly praised the role model played by the Chinese in coronavirus epidemic; the governor of Victoria stated in a sombre expression that there would be zero tolerance for any attacks on the Chinese during the pandemic outbreak; mainstream media in Australia and police are actively concerned and call for the protection of minorities from abuse.

These parade organizers and individuals disregard the facts and have no gratitude for the goodwill of the Australian government and Australian people. They gathered some individual cases of the exaggerated and alarmist speeches, making illogic implications that the Australian Government discriminates against Chinese with deliberation in creating the illusion that the Chinese are being marginalized by the Australian mainstream society, under the pretext of protecting the interests of the Chinese in Australia. They kidnapped the entire Chinese community, misleading the Chinese to oppose against the locals. Their indiscriminate approach not only tears apart the Chinese community, but also easily leads to disgust or dissent from mainstream society, including government departments, local residents and the news media.

It is worth noting that the organizers behind such activities often have political agendas that are mingled with private gains. They are using the nationalist sentiment of some Chinese in Australia to guide public opinion, laying pressure on the Australian Government to cooperate with the Communist Regime of China in its irrational accusations against the Australian Government. We should realize that many local associations in Australia, chambers of commerce, international students associations, alumni associations, Chinese media and the WeChat public account have actually been reduced to the tools and pawns of the Chinese Communist Regime in its United Front work in Australia. Therefore, they do not hesitate to sacrifice the long-term interests of the Chinese in Australia, so that many diligent Chinese will have difficulty in living and working in Australia in future, to achieve their personal agenda.

Thus, I call on all conscientious Chinese in Australia to reject participation in the parade of such nature, and completely sever the ties with these so-called overseas Chinese leaders and societies of personal ambitions at the expense of the Chinese in Australia. To maintain a fair and just environment for us and future generations to come in their studies and jobs, life and business operations in Australia, we need to resist these activities that are manipulated by the overseas regime and say to them loudly NO!!!

We cherish and appreciate the openness and tolerance of Australia, a multicultural and civilized society, to our Chinese people. We are grateful to Australia for giving us fair and equitable development opportunities and cherish our peaceful lives in Australia. Australia is a beautiful home for us and our future generations. It is our hope and the future. To prevent these selfish speculators from ruining our homes, we refuse to be misled and exploited, and do not let us and our children who reside and live a good life in Australia be ruined in a certainly foolish and ignorant act.

Today, the CCP’s dictatorship has been unprecedentedly isolated globally, and many civilized countries in the world are ashamed of teaming up with it. We cannot be kidnapped by them and be thrown onto the sinking ship.

Stay away from these controlled Chinese societies and individuals! 

Refuse the incited nationalist sentiment! 

Reject to be the sacrificial object of the dictatorship!

Defend Australian values!!!

--The Australian Value Alliance (AVA)

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