An open letter to the major of Sydney, Mrs. Moore

To the Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and fellow Sydney City Councillors

Australian Values Alliance (AVA)  05/02/2017

We are Australian Citizens deeply concerned about a concert in tribute to Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung), to be held at the Sydney Town Hall on 6 September 2016, with another in Melbourne 3 days later.
Mao was the head of the Chinese Communist Party. His regime and legacy is controversial among the Chinese people. This sentiment is also reflected in the Australian-Chinese community. More and more people see him as one of the most cold blooded dictators in human history, surpassing the cruelty of Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia and Pol Pot in Cambodia. In actual fact, large amounts of historical evidence show that Mao was personally responsible for massive tortures and persecutions resulting in the unnatural deaths of over 70 million Chinese people. He destroyed Chinese people's traditional culture; he persecuted all religious believers; he torn down temples and monasteries; he banned all forms of democracy and social freedom.
Maoism has also been the base of many violent revolutionary movements around the world. The core tenets of Maoism are: political power grows out of the gun barrel (anti-democracy); rebellion is justified (disrespect for law and order); eliminate private ownership; annihilate bourgeoisie and instigate violence and hate against Western society. The worship of Maoism through this concert is not only dividing Australian communities but also creating a dangerous breeding ground for terrorism and violence.
Mao and his crimes against humanity contravenes everything that Australian Values stand for.
Australia is NOT the place for publicising or glorifying Mao. As tax-payers of this great country, we cannot tolerate tributes to a violent dictator at a Council venue - the Sydney Town Hall. Sydney City Council should not be associated with a tyrant who most people consider as the biggest mass murderer in history.
Despite Australia being a multicultural country with respect for freedom of speech, this freedom must be exercised under our Australian Values.
We call upon the Sydney City Council to:
1. Immediately terminate the agreement for the concert to be held at Sydney Town Hall on 6 September 2016.
2. Ensure no concerts glorifying Mao are held at any Council venues within the Sydney City Council
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