Declaration to denounce the shameful acts of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia to sneak into ANZAC event

AVA Media Release  May 7, 2017

It is reported by Xinhua News Agency Sydney Branch and SBS Mandarin Radio that “a square matrix of some descendants of Chinese veterans of the Anti-Japanese War” or “mainland Chinese WW II veterans” having served for the Chinese Communist Regime joined the 2017 ANZAC Day march and dawn service which was organized by Burwood Council of NSW and Club Burwood RSL. The report from Xinhua News Agency said, “Some of their ancestors are veterans of the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party”. And the Xinhua News Agency also interviewed Mr. HU Yingxia, head of such a mainland Chinese immigrants “square matrix” and said Mr. HU was a descendant of the New Fourth Army, previously known as the Red Army, currently as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).
On April 18, the Australian Values Alliance (AVA) wrote an urgent letter to the General Manager of the Burwood Council and contacted the Club Burwood RSL event officer requesting to disqualify the Australian Culture and Commerce Association (ACCA)  or “ACCA Federation in Commemoration of WWll (VJ) Chinese Descendants” as a participating group. However, the Burwood Council didn’t reply.
The PLA is an army of the Chinese Communist Party. This army overthrew the legitimate government of the Republic of China in 1949 and its leader the CCP has murdered tens of millions of innocent Chinese civilians.  Most Chinese Australians still remember the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, in which hundreds or even thousands of students and civilians were killed by the PLA. The Australian ANZAC veterans also remember that the UN peace keeping force in the early 1950s having battled against the PLA and North Korean Communist army in Korea.
The AVA condemns the ACCA’s recruitment of “descendants of the New Fourth Army and the Eighth Route Army” in Australia to join the ANZAC Day march and service. Such an act in disguise humiliated Australian citizens of China origin and the Australian veterans.
The AVA further expresses its disappointment at the Burwood Council and Club Burwood RSL for ignoring our letter.
The AVA reiterates that all Chinese immigrants should embrace the Australian values and do not behave against the Australian values and national interests of Australia.

Australian Values Alliance (AVA)
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