Media Release – RE: Dr Chongyi Feng

Australian Values Alliance (AVA)  26 March 2017

Australian Values Alliance (AVA) requests your urgent attention and advocacy to allow Dr & Associate Professor Chongyi Feng return home in Sydney.

Dr Feng is an Australian permanent resident and head of China Studies at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for 11 years. He travels to China for fieldwork on his research project. On Thursday March 20 2017, Dr Feng was first questioned by the Chinese Yunnan Province secret police in Kunming City. They followed him all the way to Guangzhou (Canton) on 23 March. He was denied boarding a flight back to Sydney from Guangzhou last night. Dr Feng might be under house arrest at Guangzhou Grand International Hotel in Guangzhou. We have been trying to contact Dr Feng on his cell phone but the call was suddenly cut off after a very short conversation.

Dr Chongyi Feng (middle) travelling in China

Australian Values Alliance (AVA) advocates for the freedom and dignity of the individual as one of the core Australian values. Being one of the key foundation members of AVA, Dr Feng advocates Australian values and has been a critic of growing Chinese government influence in Australia.

Being a scholar and head of China Studies at UTS, Dr Feng has formed his own independent academic opinions on China’s political and economic situations and their impacts to Australia. As a free soul, he is also entitled to form his own views and share with others. What Dr Feng has said and done in Sydney is entirely within Australian jurisdiction. AVA strongly believe Dr Feng was just exercising his basic human rights and core Australian value – freedom and dignity of an individual within his country of residence.

AVA urges the Australian Government to provide all assistance it may provide to help Dr Feng come back home as soon as possible. We also urge the Chinese Government to drop any allegations against Dr Feng based on his activities in Sydney, which is entirely outside Chinese jurisdiction!

You may help Dr Feng by contacting following authorities:

Department of Foreign Affairs: +61 2 6261 3305 or SMS to +61 421 269 080
Australian Embassy in China:  +86 10 5140 4111 or via WeChat through following link

Your local Federal MP
Chinese Embassy in Australia: +61-2-6228 3999 or email

John Hugh
Australian Values Alliance (AVA)
0414 816 751 /

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