A Statement on “Chinese-Australians stands against racial discrimination (Online Protest)”

Some people claiming to be "Australian-Chinese" initiated an online "Australian Chinese Anti-racial Discrimination Parade", which will last 20 days from April 7, 2020 to April 27, 2020. This is a nonsense farce.  It lacks a way to verify the "grand parade" on the Internet in regards to the identity of the "Australian- Chinese" promoters and participants. What's more, just as the whole nation of Australia unites and fights against the epidemic, these unidentified people are trying to organize this sort of event, the motives and consequence of which are to tear the Australian-Chinese community and the Australian society, exacerbating the opposition of Australian-Chinese with the Australia Government and other communities. This event under the banner of “Anti-racial Discrimination” seemingly a tall move actually puts Chinese-Australians at risk and could cause harm to Chinese Australians.

We reckon that this farce is a political action that cooperates with the propaganda outreach of the CCP regime. Whenever the international community criticizes the CCP’s policies and behaviour that violate human rights and harm humanity, the regime always distorts such solemn criticisms as “racial discrimination” against the Chinese, and provokes those at home and abroad who have been brainwashed by the CCP for decades long and cannot discern CCP regime from Chinese people, to wave for the regime.  In December 2019 when the coronavirus epidemic broke out in Wuhan, the regime could have completely relied on a set of alarm and prevention system established after the SARS pandemic outbreak in 2003, to achieve effective control at the outset. However, Xi Jinping’s ruling group sang praises to create a celebrating atmosphere in the New Year and Spring Festival, and to enable the People’s Congresses and Political Consultative Conference in Wuhan of Hubei to be held smoothly, they blatantly sealed people’s speeches by having deliberately concealed the epidemic for nearly two months, which delayed the best timing to contain the virus, leading to the spread of coronavirus to the entire world.  

The CCP regime is now facing the accountability of its victimized people in China and the international community, so it provoked that the virus was originated in a foreign country, and the Chinese have suffered racial discrimination and other irresponsible statements to divert the attention.  Australia is a democratic country that advocates multiculturalism. However, advocating multiculturalism does not mean that it should disregard the principle of value, the right and wrong, or the concept of the good and evil. Regardless of one’s social identity or one’s ethnicity, it only matters if one’s behaviour is in compliance to the universal values, or consequential harm of one’s behaviour to the system sustaining the universal values or the moral code. The CCP regime brutally deprives the Chinese people of their basic human rights and suppresses its people’s demand for freedom, democracy and the rule of law, but has gone so far to Australia and other democratic countries to demand for human rights and democracy, in an attempt to spread the concept of its autocratic rule by using rights and law in free and democratic countries, to ultimately oppress freedom, democracy and rule of law outside China.  

It is simply the CCP regime that discriminates most against Chinese in the world. The CCP excuses itself in monopolizing political power by accusing the Chinese people as "low quality" in the meantime, it brutally eliminates the political opposition in their budding state, left China in the past 7 decades with no effective accountability for Chinese citizens since CCP regime is not a democratically elected government or replaceable by votes.  In China where the CCP regime has ruled for 71 years under its totalitarian reign, Chinese people have been disregarded as human beings in every way.  The political persecution and famine it waged have claimed the lives of at least 70 million innocent citizens. It has physically and spiritually enslaved the Chinese people to the extreme. The deliberate concealment of the epidemic situation and the anti-epidemic measures that brought serious secondary disasters once again told the world that the regime is barbaric, shameless, and utterly conscienceless. Overseas Chinese should never be used as a political tool for the CCP regime to defy the flames or as an enemy to the government and people of the free world. Dating back to the 1960s, the CCP regime attempted to use the local Chinese to export the Communist Revolution, which triggered a large-scale wave of exclusion from Indonesia and Malaysia. The lessons taught were extremely profound. Overseas Chinese and ethnic Chinese should refuse to be used as political tools by the Chinese Communist regime to insult or injure themselves.

Australian Values AllianceAVA

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