Petition:Stop the Chinese Communist Party's Infiltration in Australia

Dear Prime Minister,

We are from the Australian Values Alliance, an Australian Chinese community group that respects and believes in Australian societal values.  Recently, we were alerted to a series of embarrassing actions carried out by Chinese citizens or Australian-Chinese citizens in Australia.  These acts included assaulting and inflicting physical violence on pro-Hong Kong democracy demonstrators.  These actions may have led the general Australian population to believe that Australian-Chinese communities are anti-democratic.
We would like to declare that the Australian Values Alliance is a pro-democratic Chinese community group.  As we love democratic freedom and Australian societal values, we are now publicly requesting your signature support.  The following is our 4 point statement:
First, We are ashamed of the threats to the freedom of speech in Australia and  violation of Australian societal values.
Second, The Chinese groups who acted against Australian societal values and disrespected Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators' freedom of speech do not in any way represent us.
Third, We request protection for Australian residents' and citizens', especial for those with Chinese heritage, freedom of expression in assembly and on social media.
Finally, We request that the Australian government takes effective and immediate measures to prevent foreign intervention, and, protect national security and Australian societal values.

Australian Values Alliance

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