14 November 2020

Urgent call to support Senator Eric Abetz in his open confrontation of totalitarian regimes

Dear Prime Minister,

We, as members of the Australian Values Alliance (AVA), express grave concerns at the unfounded attacks against Senator Eric Abetz for his open confrontation of the Chinese Totalitarian Regime.
AVA is an advocacy NGO aspiring to safeguard and promote Australian core values. Most of our members are of Chinese origin with a mainland China background.

We would also like to take this opportunity to commend the Australian Government for their recent actions and policies to address Foreign Interference and protecting Australia’s sovereignty and values. 

This letter is to request the Australian Government to address the contents of the petition from the Asian Australian Alliance (“AAA”) against Senator Eric Abetz dated 12 Nov 2020.

Key Concerns: 

·         We are alarmed by the accusation that “racism” was the driving force for Senator Abetz’s valid questions posed at the October 14 Senate Inquiry.

·         The three witnesses at the inquiry participated in “individual capacity” as Australian-Chinese. Their views do not represent the entire community and subsequent accusations published in the media should be viewed with caution. 

·         They acknowledged that the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a dismal human rights record, yet stopped short of condemning the regime - a point the Senator Abetz made in context of other similar regimes and without disrespecting the witnesses. 

·         We unequivocally believe that condemning the CCP is not racist, as it does not represent the Chinese people. The unfounded attacks on Senator Abetz have misled the public and members of Government. 

·         The CCP is not a democratically elected government, and the Chinese people are the very victims of the regime.  Over 70 million Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese died from the CCP brutality. 

·         It appears that like many other Chinese Australians, the three witnesses were reluctant to express their view due to their fear of the CCP, which demonstrates the CCP’s infiltration in Australia have reached an alarming level. 

The Asian Australian Alliance (“AAA”) has falsely accused Senator Eric Abetz using the racism blame card.  We remain deeply concerned and hope that the Australian Government be alerted about the danger when the racism is being weaponised in the political arena. This is a common tactic of the CCP, which we have observed in recent years since the Australian Government has taken important steps to protect our freedoms. 

We are further appalled that the Asian Australian Alliance (“AAA”) has requested Prime Minister Scott Morrison to reassure Chinese Australian community that the line of “loyalty testing” to be unacceptable behaviour. The motives of such request raise more concerns about the source of their allegiance, and
it proved to be the perfect litmus test of the individuals.

Senator Abetz’s question has no reference to one’s ethnic heritage, race or loyalty. The questions were evidently asked because of the
three named individuals’ responsibility as working in the public office. We encourage member of the Australian Government and public to view his statements in the context in which they were asked, as is documented in the Hansard transcript.

That is why, might I add, that in nearly every single interview that I do unequivocally condemning the Chinese Communist Party I stress that this is not a condemnation of the Chinese people—because I believe that they are just as freedom loving as every other human being on the planet—but that I am condemning the regime under which they suffer, just as much as not all Germans were Nazis, or all Russians communists, or all Italians part of the Mafioso or Vietnamese part of the triads. But, as German-born, can I say that I have no difficulty in saying unequivocally that the Nazi regime deserved to be condemned. I'm just concerned that some of our witnesses have great difficulty in condemning a regime that has been responsible for millions of deaths; incarceration of millions; forced organ harvesting; illegal land grabs; ripping up of an international—UN sanctioned, even—agreement between the UK and China in relation to Hong Kong; and the list goes on.”

As stated in Senate Abetz’s full statement dated 15 October 2020, “Standing firm against ugly dictatorships is everyone’s duty” . Labelling the request of condemnation of the CCP to be “racism” is fallacious and causes danger to Australia’s sovereignty.

The three individuals are not qualified to represent the voice from the Australian Chinese community. The Chinese people are the very victims of the CCP dictatorship and hope that the Australian government will stand firm against CCP’s threats and coercions. 

 It is vital that the Australians should not be misled by their false representation, which compromises social cohesion and undermine Australia’s parliamentary democracy.  If this unfounded campaign against Senator Abetz silenced public criticism of CCP tyranny within the Australian Parliament, there will be even fewer Australian-Chinese citizens who would be willing to have faith in or participate in Australian politics.

The fact that the CCP’s infiltration threatens the sovereignty of democratic countries is acknowledged internationally, and is well documented in the reports such as The Party Speaks for You by Alex Joske of ASPI and Mind Your Tongue by Professor John Fitzgerald.

We are grateful for Senator Eric Abetz’s courage in defending the honour of Australia and its values. His position is commendable, and other Australian politicians should be encouraged to follow accordingly.

We request the government to immediately:

1)      Acknowledge condemnation of any totalitarian dictatorship, including the CCP, to be necessary when protecting Australia’s sovereignty and democratic values.

2)      Ensure the safety of the Australian citizens by identifying any false representations of racism which compromises social cohesion.

AVA has lodged E-petition no EN2110 to the government and call the public to sign and show support.

Best regards,

Australian Values Alliance

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