Open Letter to Condemn Senator Kristina Keneally and Support Former Prime Minister Tony Abbot

 28 October 2021


We, as members of the Australian Values Alliance (AVA), condemn Senator Keneallys recent meeting with members of the CCPs United Front organisation. 

AVA is an advocacy NGO aspiring to safeguard and promote Australian core values. Most of our members are of Chinese origin with a mainland China background.

On 19 October 2021, Senator Keneally posted on social media saying it was great to meet members of a Chinese Australian association in Cabramatta last week. One of the individuals she met was Hung Ly, who is also president of the Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC). The ACPPRC is arguably the peak Chinese Communist P artys peak propaganda groupUnited Front organisation in Australia who has made sizeable donations ed thousands of dollars to the Australian Labor Party.

There is no secret what the CCPs Peaceful Reunification means. There is no secret in the CCPs history that whenever it expands its Iron Curtain, it never intends to respect the universal values of human rights, democracy and freedom, nor other cultures and religions, nor international treaties it signed, nor its own rosy promises of peace. One only needs to look at what it has done in China for the past century, in Korea 70 years ago, in Uighur and Tibet in recent decades, and in Hong Kong in recent years.

Under Xi, the CCP regime has been more dangerous than ever. He has intensified crackdown of human rights of the Chinese people, geared up his propaganda machine promoting fake history, ultra-nationalism, militarism, Wolf warrior diplomacy and ever-increasing efforts to influence politics and societies of the free world. Now Xi has been ever more provocative in liberating Taiwan and reunifying our motherland, people around the world are worried that if he will do the unthinkable.

The ACPPRC and its cronies are exactly the means to such ends. The previous leader of the ACPPRC, is none other than the proven corrupt CCP lobbyist Huang Xiangmo(黄向墨). In February 2019, the AVA issued a statement in support of the government's decision to cancel Huang Xiangmo's visa. (Link:

Regrettably, Senator Keneally has a history of following the lines of the CCP but not the core values of the Australians. In a campaign in 2017, Keneally accused the government of China phobia for introducing reforms to espionage and foreign interference legislation. The almost identical rhetoric we heard from the CCPs propaganda media. They see it as scaremongering. They see the suggestion from the prime minister that people from Chinese or Asian backgrounds are somehow suspicious and they dont like it, claimed the Senator.

But Madam Senator, communism is not a race. Intentionally confusing the Chinese ethnicity and the communist regime is a cheap propaganda trick that the CCP has been using for decades.

We the Australian Values Alliance strongly disagree that stopping foreign interference is scaremongering. The threat and infiltration by the Communist Party is real, massive, pervasive and well documented. We believe that the Australian public, including Chinese and Asian communities know the difference between ethnicity and ideology.

As Former NSW Premier and current Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Federal Senate, Senator Keneally is not an insignificant politician. She may also take on an important role as the next Home Affairs Minister. We question her credentials to hold such roles to protect Australian interests.

We the Australian Values Alliance believe that Senator Keneally does not represent the views and interests of the Chinese Australian Communities and broader Asian Australian Communities.


We the Australian Values Alliance welcome and commend former Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbots recent visit to Taiwan and his comments. On 8 October 2021, Mr Abbot spoke in Taiwan at a national security forum. He condemned Xi as the new red emperor and highlighted the possibility that Xi could start a war destroying Taiwans freedom and democracy and threaten the post WWII peace and orders of the pacific.

"Its not Australia thats beating drums of war. The only drums we beat are for justice and freedom freedom for all people, in China and in Taiwan, to make their own decisions about their lives and their futures, Mr Abbott said.

We the AVA agree with what Mr Abbott says. The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a well-respected, well-functioning constitutional democracy, which the CCP regime is everything against. The Taiwanese citizens have the freedom of speech, freedom of worship and freedom from fearall of which the CCP has denied its citizens and its ideology categorically opposes.

Just like the CCP media called Australia the chewing gum on Chinas boot, there are shameful politicians and scholars in Australia who are always quickly offended by any criticism to the CCP regime, while keep a shut eye to the horrors of the regime past and present. They like to resort to racism to discredit criticisms to the CCP, but they never mention that CCPs brutality is responsible for killing over 70 million innocent Chinese civilians through execution, persecution and man-made famine. unnatural deaths of Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese.

When Sir Winston Churchill made the Iron Curtain Speech, when US President Ronald Reagan made the Evil Empire Speech, the communist regimes around the world and pro-communist individuals in the West reacted the exact same way.

Whilst Mr Abbot has famously made naïve mistakes regarding the same issues, such as in 2014 when Xi visited, he once believed that Xi wanted China to become a Democratic Society; and he also attended a fundraiser with Hung Ly and other individuals linked to United Front. But Mr Abbot quickly stated that he would not have gone if he knew of their links to the CCP United Fronts propaganda arm. Mr Abbotts recent courageous comments showed that he clearly has Australias valued in mind and he is not bought by the CCP United Front. But Senator Keneally never regretted her meeting.

We the Australian Values Alliance wishes to express our support to Mr Abbot for his effort and courage in promoting Australian Values. We also wish to express our solidarity with the peoples in Asia Pacific whose sovereignty, freedoms and way of life are directly under threat of the CCP.


——Australian Values Alliance (AVA)

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