Urgent call to Stop Pro-Palestine Student Rally


The Hon. Jacinta Allan

Premier of Victoria

16 November 2023

Urgent call to Stop Pro-Palestine Student Rally   

Dear Premier of Victoria,

We, as members of the Australian Values Alliance (AVA), express grave concerns at the rising antisemitism in our community and at a student rally which is organised to be held on 23rd November 2023. It is disappointing that Victorian government did nothing to stop this harmful rally. We urgently ask the Victorian government to condemn and ban this student rally.

AVA is an advocacy NGO aspiring to safeguard and advocate Australian core values such as human rights, democracy and the rule of law. We promote responsible and loyal Australian citizens who aspire to integrate. Most of our members are of Chinese origin.

The student rally is ill-intentioned by using school kids as political pawns for their radical agenda. This rally is not what Jacinta Allan said, “practicing democracy”, this is to expose kids to potential violence, brainwashing and extreme ideology.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, as recognized by Australian government and many democracies in the world. Gazans are deprived of freedom and human rights under the reign of this organization. Hamas started the war by terrorists’ attack on civilians and now using Gazans as human shields. It is Hamas who shall be responsible for the human loss in Gaza. We believe the only way to free Palestinians is to eliminate Hamas.


The Pro-Palestinian protestors in Australia capital cities, in our eyes, are driven by Israel-Hate or Jew-Hate, not driven by seeking solution to Palestinian’s freedom. The widespread race-hate speech and increasing aggressiveness towards Jewish community during the protests deeply worried us. These behaviors are against Australian values and are importing conflicts into our multicultural society, shall be condemned and have no place in our community.


Israel is a democratic country, sharing the same values with Australia. Israel is also a multicultural state with Arabic Israelis make up 25% strong population of Israel. While Israel is at the fore-front of combatting terrorists, their right to self-defense shall be respected, and their efforts in eradicating terrorists shall be supported by us.


Best regards,

Australian Values Alliance

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